Estancia at Wiregrass in Wesley Chapel, Fl

    Wesley Chapel is not a city, but it might well be as the town is seeing accelerated growth with many relocating buyers moving in. It is a part of the Tampa Bay area and located about 20-25 minutes north of the international airport/Downtown. Estancia is a community that has acquired a reputation of being a place for the individuals who are looking for harmonious features of amenities and well-maintained neighborhood. But what separates this modern sanctuary for the discerning homeowners from rest of the communities in Florida is a unique and intelligent architecture with landscaping that makes one feel he is nestled close in the lap of nature. In fact, not only does this become apparent when you drive inside the community, but you enjoy it, even more, when you take those longer than usual morning/evening walks with your pet. As a resident of the community for two plus years, I can testify to the beauty that this community provides to us as the homeowners.

    Choose the architectural design and the setting

    If you feel in awe of the design of this community, it is because of the clever mix and refinement of the architectural styles of Tuscan style villas, the hilly communities of Spain, and the rural countryside of the French Riviera.  You feel as if you are in the midst of a lost world that boasts of all modern amenities that leaves you in awe. If you are willing to experience the old world charm coupled with the marvels of modern engineering, Estancia presents to you different types of housing units in one of the three surroundings namely conservation, waterfront, and cul-de-sac.

    You will find both New Constructions and resale options in this Community so that you can choose which option best accommodates the time that you have to be in your new place. Make sure to let Jose Mejia know what your perfect time frame will be so that we can evaluate the options available to you. An added benefit of living here in this community is the connections that are present with families in this community that are forced to relocate and sell because of the different unexpected life circumstances.

    Fantastic amenities for a vibrant social life

    Let us talk a little about the social life when you have a home in Estancia. The community boasts of a large club made in a sprawling area of more than 7000 square feet. You become a member of this club automatically and thus eligible to enjoy all its facilities and features. Come over to the club whenever you are in a mood to relax and enjoy time in the company of other members. You may even catch some of the food trucks in front of the clubhouse when there are Community Holiday events at the pool with activities and a live DJ.  If you are in a mood to indulge in some physical activity, there is a huge fitness centre inside the club where you can do cardio workouts or lift weights to tone and strengthen your body muscles. For those in the mood for some fun-filled games, there is a fully fledged basketball court and tennis court also. If you just want to sit down and relax, Estancia club offers you panoramic views of the outdoors from its lush green lawns.

    Recreational facilities to relax and to have fun

    If you love to fish, Estancia presents to you a beautiful aquatic centre. Here you can spend time looking at the playful activities of the cabanas and the loggias and many other types of fish. This aquarium is adjacent to a swimming pool that makes you feel like its owner. To add to the fun and excitement of the members is a huge tower slide that can be used by not just the kids but also their parents. If you prefer to indulge in adventurous and thrilling activities in the outdoors, you would simply adore the hiking and biking trails waiting for you in Estancia. If you go to any one of these hiking trails, you would come across myriad shopping centres, restaurants, entertainment activities, and other services that are provided by business owners at lifestyle centre called Shops at Wiregrass.

    If you are worried about the education of your school going kids, there is nothing to worry when you are in Estancia. This is because Estancia is situated very close to several popular elementary and middle schools in the Wiregrass community. There is also a top rated High School in close proximity to Estancia community to take care of the education requirements of your kids. See our article on some of the top Elementary school and Highschools near the area with special resources such as school zoning info.

    Prices that suit your budget

    The price range of homes available in Estancia varies a great deal with homes beginning from high $200s to townhomes going up to in excess of $1 million. This means you have lots of options in terms of size and location of your dream home. Estancia has received the coveted Master Planned Community of the Year award for the third time in consecutive years from Tampa Bay Area Builder’s Association. This is no mean achievement considering the builders in this association are behind dozens of planned communities across the Tampa Bay Area. See some of the current homes for sale in this community.

    Buying a home for your beloved family is a major decision of your life. Being an experienced real estate broker and a resident of the community in Estancia gives me the upper hand of providing you an honest perspective of what it is like to live here. From the sunrise walks with my dog, to the inside relationships with the builder and homeowners that reside here, I am sure to have the inside scoop of what you are looking for.


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