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    When you hear about Orlando, Florida the first thing to come to your mind is its captivating holiday destinations. It is undeniably world’s largest destination for tourism which automatically generates more employment opportunities for the citizens. Other than hospitality industry, Orlando is big in other niches such as innovation, life science, simulation, education, aerospace, and much more. For first time home buyers, Orlando is an exciting choice.

    New Home Purchase Orlando

    First Time Home BuyersFirst time home buyers Orlando must keep some major points in check before making a purchase. Here are some exciting facts on Orlando that will help you in preparing your mind.

    Economy– The economy of Orlando is hugely benefitted from its globally recognized tourism industry. This industry welcomes 66 million visitors annually and impacts more than $50 billion towards the economy of Orlando. You will be astonished to know that only one-third of Orlando’s workforce in the region is in the tourism industry.

    Jobs– Undeniably, Orlando is among the largest innovation hubs in the nation. It is the center for Aerospace and a leader for game development and virtual reality. Some of the major business services are relocating to Orlando. Other than that, the distribution centers for companies such as Amazon, Walmart, FedEx, and Best Buy are also located here.

    Education– Education is among the major concerns for first time home buyers but you will be delighted to know that Orlando has diverse choices in education institutes. It has 35 post secondary schools. There are universities such as Full Sail University, Rollins College, Valencia College, Lake Sumter State College, Seminole State College, and much more.

    Other Facts on Orlando

    • Florida is a “right-to-work” state with no state personal income tax.
    • Florida is world’s leading independent developer and publisher of interactive entertainment software. Orlando thus sells some of the top-selling games including NCAA Football, Madden NFL Football, and much more.
    • Orlando is home to National Training Centre for Olympic Athletes where they seek training of swimming and gymnastics.

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    For first time home buying Orlando, it is essential to seek help from home buying assistant. There are major programs on Home Buying Assistance Orlando that help customers in finding right housing choices. You also need to know the mortgage options and buying help and thus we insist our readers seek help from the assistants and make the right choice.

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