Study Shows Florida as Top State to Move to in the US

    According to LendingTree’s State Migration Study, most of the 12.1% of homebuyers changing states are heading south with Florida as the most preferred destination.

    Florida also led the nation in the fewest residents relocating to another state.

    Who is Moving to Florida

    The same Lending Tree study shows the states most likely to lose residents to Florida are in the northeast where the cold, wintry winds blow.

    New York, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Delaware, and Rhode Island are states people are leaving looking for a different climate or a better opportunity.

    Why Move to Florida

    1. The cost of living in the northeast is higher than any other region of the country. People fear to be in debt for life.
    2. The cost of living in Florida is affordable. There is no state income tax, the sales tax, and property tax rates are low and utility bills are lower than the national average.
    3. There is enough variety in the style and type of housing available that a home can easily be found to fit any lifestyle and budget.
    4. Many people moving to Florida want to escape the harsh winters found in the northeast. As the calendar turns to January many northeasterners start to dream about sunny beaches, ocean breezes, and warm weather.
    5. There is a reason Florida is called the Sunshine State as new residents happily learn. Warm, sunny 75-degree weather is much more enticing than the harsh winds and blowing snow of the northeast.
    6. With the Atlantic Ocean to the east and the Gulf of Mexico to the west clean and inviting beaches are within easy reach. The state has over 650 miles of beaches to choose from.
    7. The near year-round warm and sunny weather makes Florida the ideal destination for outdoor activity enthusiasts including golfers, hikers, bikers and fishermen.
    8. Several companies have made the decision to move or expand to Florida allowing people moving from the northeast to more easily find employment.
    9. The Gross Domestic Product of Florida is the 4th largest in the country and the unemployment rate is very low. The recent boom in tourism, construction, and healthcare research has led to rapid jobs and economic growth.


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