Top Neighborhoods for Luxury Historic Homes in Tampa, FL





    There are three great neighborhoods in Tampa, Florida with beautiful and pricey historic homes. Several of these impressive properties have recently been listed so if you have the desire and budget to own an amazing historic home check out what is available in these neighborhoods.

    West Hyde Park

    West Hyde Park is a neighborhood in the Hyde Park district of Tampa. The neighborhood has approximately 1600 residents with a median income of just over $100,000 per year.

    West Hyde Park is in Hillsborough County, the 4th largest county in Florida.

    The historic homes in this neighborhood date back to early in the 20th century though there are also some very impressive newer structures with more modern designs.

    Homes and mansions along Bayshore Boulevard offer stunning views of the waterfront.

    Golf View Park

    Those looking for a single-family may want to consider the Golf View Park neighborhood. This area has luxury homes ranging in price from around $1.1 million to nearly $3.5 million with one estate valued at nearly $6 million.

    Most of the homes are on half-acre lots and are quite roomy with 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, though some are larger.  Two-car garages with expansive driveways are common features found in these homes.

    The Golf View Park neighborhood was established in 1926 and has grown consistently since.

    Morrison Grove

    The Morrison Grove neighborhood had its beginning in 1906. Since then the development has been ongoing with the neighborhood featuring large, high-value homes.

    There are some fabulous homes in the neighborhood including a $3 million Spanish Mediterranean built in the 1920s.

    Morrison Grove is a good place to find an upscale single-family home from a wide range of time periods and price ranges. Most homes are on ¼ acre lots with prices ranging from $575,000 to $3 million.

    Davis Islands

    The Davis Islands neighborhood sits on two islands in Hillsborough County. It is a very popular place to live because it is close to downtown Tampa and has great views of the port of Tampa.

    Davis Islands dates back to the 1920s and is home to such celebrities as Derek Jeter and Brad Culpepper.

    Davis Islands has a wide range of luxury properties from Key West-style architecture to historic homes and waterfront estates with values exceeding $6 million.


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