What to Do Within 30 Days of Relocating to Orlando, FL

    Now that you have moved to Orlando, Florida what is next? If you don’t already have one you should make a checklist of the important things to do now that you have relocated?

    Here is a list of the more important things to remember. Though some may seem like no-brainers, with the busyness of packing, moving and unpacking it is easy to overlook the more mundane activities.


    Get your water, gas or electric turned on first. Check ahead of your move to see if there are any deposits or upfront fees required so you will be prepared when contacting the utility companies.

    Change of Address

    If you haven’t already, now would be a good time to notify your family of your move. File your new address at the post office so your mail will be delivered to your new residence.

    Your new address should be given to your employer, vehicle and health care insurance providers, and with the county for your voter registration.

    Update your address on your vehicle registration, with your bank and at the post office.


    Now is also the time to get your children enrolled in whatever school you plan for them to attend. Also get the bus schedule and pick up points. Meet with teachers and principals if possible.

    Health Care Providers

    Emergencies can happen at any time and without warning. So it is important that you get registered with a primary care physician, find the hospitals and urgent care clinics.

    If you have pets you need to find a local veterinarian.

    Spring Clean Again

    No doubt you did a great job of cleaning out and getting rid of things you don’t really need when you packed for your move. Chances are, Though, as you unpack you will find more stuff you can live without and maybe don’t really fit in your new home.

    Use this time to take an inventory all the belongings you will keep and donate those you no longer need to a local charity.

    Make Your House a Home

    After all the mundane requirements are out of the way it is time to decorate to your tastes and style to make your house a home and a relaxing place to enjoy for years to come.

    Take time to sit back and relax. Use your checklist to stay organized, taking the stress out of the move.


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