Short-Term Apartment Options In Wesley Chapel

    When you build your own home, you get to decide exactly how every room in the house should be designed. However, it can often take several months to build-out a home to your exact needs and specifications. During that time, you will need somewhere else to live.

    Three main short-term living options:

     Bonterra Parc Apartments

     For luxurious apartment living that is close to just about everything Wesley Chapel has to offer, Bonterra Parc is a superb option. This well-designed community offers 1, 2, and 3-bedroom apartments and features a host of amenities including a 24-hour fitness studio, a resort-style pool, and a business lounge.

     Bonterra Parc offers short-term leasing from 7 to 11 months. You’ll just need to pay an additional $50 fee on top of your rent each month. Your furry friends are also welcome here, but you should note that the community does have a 35 lbs weight limit.

    Altis Wiregrass Ranch Apartments

     For families who want to enjoy upscale apartment living while their permanent home is being built, Altis Wiregrass Ranch is always a popular choice. This luxurious retreat offers 1, 2, and 3-bedroom apartments that feature elegant finishes and outstanding attention to detail. This community also has plenty of amenities such as a game room, an ultra-luxe theater, and a heated pool.

     You can find leases as short as 7 months at Altis Wiregrass Ranch – though there will be a small 5% surcharge added to your monthly rent. If you decide to move to this community, you can expect to pay a $300 deposit for a 1-bedroom, a $400 deposit for a 2-bedroom, or a $500 deposit for a 3-bedroom.

    The Lease Buyout Program

     If you are already locked into a long-term lease or aren’t particularly excited about the short-term apartments on the market, there is another option – the Lease Buyout Program. This program allows you to get out of an existing lease agreement without needing to fork over huge sums of money in termination fees.

    All you need to do is:

     1) Get qualified for a mortgage

     2) Send your lease termination reletting fee agreement letter to

     3) Close on your new home. will pay the reletting fee to your old apartment community